• WD-151 E/421E

    WD-151 E/421E

    A complete range of reliable and cost-effective rack conveyor machines with Wexiödisk's unique, flexible feed system. 

    Wexiödisk's unique basket feed system allows operators to adjust their contact time and the capacity depending on how heavily soiled the dishware is. A comprehensive range with a capacity ranging from 70 to 250 baskets per hour.
    The machines offer a good working environment and excellent wash results.
    The large, well-balanced sliding doors make all the washing areas easily accessible. The doors can also be removed to allow the back of the machine to be cleaned.

  • WD-153/423 ICS+

    WD-153/423 ICS+

    The ingenious Intelligent Control System (ICS+) results in exceptionally low operating costs and a significantly reduced environmental impact.

    ESE - Empty Space Elimination.
    This unique control system eliminates the empty space normally found between the baskets while they are being washed in the machine. In a normal dishwasher this empty space can account for up to 50% of the washing time.

    CRT - Constant Rinse Time. The majority of rack conveyor machines have at least two speeds: one slow and one fast. When operating at the slow speed, the dishwasher can use up to double the amount of energy, water and chemicals. With CRT the time and the amount of energy and water needed for the final rinse does not depend on the contact time selected. Normally only around 1.0-1.4 litres of rinsing water are used per basket.

    DTS - Double Transport System. When baskets are fed through a conventional rack conveyor machine, it is normal for the baskets to remain stationary 50% of the time. This results in high water consumption and unnecessary costs. By having an even speed through the rinsing zone, considerably less water is needed. ICS+ is equipped with DTS – a unique double feed system that feeds the baskets at an even speed to ensure optimum use of the rinsing water.

  • WD-11


    A small, simple rack conveyor machine for use when the capacity of a single-tank dishwashing machine is not sufficient. 
    The Wexiödisk WD-11 is a simple, compact and flexible rack conveyor machine with a medium capacity and excellent wash results.
    The machine comes with a chemical washing zone, a dual final rinse and an electronic control system as standard.
    The WD-11 has Wexiödisk's unique basket feed system which allows for a 
    flexible operator contact time. The recommended capacity is 50 to 85 
    baskets per hour, which the operator can adjust depending on how dirty 
    the loads are. 
    The large, well-balanced sliding doors make all the washing areas easily 
    accessible. The doors can also be removed to allow the back of the 
    machine to be cleaned.