• WD-18CW


    Wexiödisk's efficient, space and energy-saving alternative to conventional trolley dishwashers. 
    The Wexiödisk WD-18CW trolley dishwasher has the most efficient and energy-saving features on the market and gives energy cost savings of up to 80% compared with old, conventional trolley dishwasher units.
    The centrifugal process between the chemical washing process and the final rinsing phase results in total water consumption as low as 6 litres per wash cycle. This low level of fresh water consumption results in equivalent savings in electricity and detergent.
    In addition the machine has a heat recovery system, which means that the machine can be operated with only cold water connection. Efficient heat and sound insulation results in an improved working environment. 
    The unique spin-dry system produces excellent drying results without heated drying zones which use large amounts of energy.
    The WD-18CW is used by airline caterers all over the world.