• ACS-400HC


    Automatic cutlery sorter with an extra large capacity for airline caterers

    The ACS-400HC has been specially developed for use by airline caterers.
    The ACS-400HC can sort up to four different types of cutlery items into large cutlery boxes located in front of the sorter. 
    The use of large cutlery boxes reduces processing time to an absolute 
    minimum. It is simply a question of filling it with cutlery and changing 
    the cutlery boxes a few times per hour.

  • ACS-800


    ACS automatic cutlery sorters have been used in institutional kitchens for over 20 years in the Nordic countries, Europe, Asia and Australia. Hospitals,
    universities, staff restaurants and the flight catering industry are examples of customers we have helped over the years.
    ACS 800 Dynamic completely eliminates time-consuming manual cutlery sorting, leading to cost savings and a more efficient work flow in the
    dishwashing room. The fully automatic cutlery sorting machine can be connected to a cutlery dishwasher or as a standalone machine.