• WD-59 CT and WD-66 CT

    WD-59 CT and WD-66 CT

    The WD-66CT tray and cutlery machine washes both trays and cutlery in the same machine. The unit has a prewash, a chemical wash, a double final
    rinse and a powerful dryer. The trays are stacked on a tray dispenser after the process. When the dispenser is fully loaded, the trays can be directed to another dispenser. The cutlery can be collected into a rack in the trolley or into a cutlery sorting buffer belt. The WD-66CT tray/cutlery machine offers the customer all the advantages of a state-of-the-art machine; the unit can be connected to an HACCP system, the clear text panel gives the operator a real time performance data etc. Bowls and other dishes can also be washed, adding additional dishwashing capacity when needed.

  • WD-ACS 47

    WD-ACS 47

    A cutlery dishwasher with a unique washing system which guarantees excellent wash results.

    The machine consists of a pre-wash, two chemical washing tanks, a double final rinse and a drying zone.

    A unique washing system guarantees the best possible wash results.

    The machine has a large capacity and a compact design, and meets the highest hygiene standards.

    The cutlery washing machine can be incorporated into an automatic cutlery processing system, which washes and sorts cutlery without it being touched by dishwashing staff. The only people who touch the cutlery are the guests.

    The dishwasher can easily be connected to an ACS cutlery sorter.

    The HACCP function in the electronic control system monitors the washing process.

  • WD-215 T

    WD-215 T

    A compact, small size tray dishwasher with high capacity and excellent washing and drying result.

    The machine is integrated in automatic systems and is connected and controlled by the the external tray transportation system.

    The maximum capacity is as high as 1200 trays per hour and the machine can wash trays with size up to 530 x 370mm.
    The machine is easy to use. The text display panel is showing the 
    ongoing wash cycle and the HACCP function in the electronic control 
    system monitors the washing process for an optimal wash result.
    The trays are fed on the long side into the machine with a maximum 
    height of 370mm. The loading system with trays washed in an upright 
    position and the step by step feeding ensures that the washing and 
    drying functions are highly efficient 

    In addition the WD-215 comes with heat and sound insulation as standard 
    and it’s highly effective heat recovery system results in low energy 

  • WD-40 BRE

    WD-40 BRE

    A compact tray dishwasher for automatic systems, with excellent washing and drying results.

    The machine has a pre-rinse, chemical wash, final rinse and an efficient drying zone.

    The trays can be fed into the machine in three different ways:
    - From a tray conveyor
    - Automatic picking from a tray trolley
    - Manually

    The patented loading system, together with the fact that the trays are 
    washed in an upright position, gives the machine a large capacity and 
    ensures that the washing and drying functions are highly efficient.

    The clean trays can either be stacked directly in a trolley, or if a 
    larger capacity is needed, an external tray exchanger can be used to 
    fill two trolleys one after another.

    A heat recovery system results in low energy consumption.