• TEGLIE E GRIGLIE Trays and Grids

    TEGLIE E GRIGLIE Trays and Grids

    Moltissime soluzioni, specifi che per piatti e cotture diverse.
    In many different solutions, specifi c for diff erent recipes
    and cooking methods.

  • Support Stands

    Support Stands

    Flexibility is the password. With the vast range of accessories, the stands become essential instruments for preparing
    a wide variety of recipes. From the hood to the grid, in diff erent dimensions and variants, all the accessories are easy to fi t, remove and clean.

    STANDS: in AiSi 430 stainless steel, with adjustable feet.
    Models with capacities from 5 to 7 shelves.

  • CAPPA Hood

    CAPPA Hood

  • DOCCIA Shower

    DOCCIA Shower

    Shower extremely handy optional accessory
    for cleaning the inside of ovens.
    The kit comprises a water gun, a 1.5 m hose,
    a stand for easy positioning of the gun in the operating area and a water supply tap.