• Panorama gelato display

    Panorama gelato display

     Panorama: IFI's latest innovative product, designed and developed by IFI in cooperation with the designer Mark Sadler, an exclusive unit that combines the best performances of a traditional pozzetti system with the visibility of a display. 

    +Plus of Panorama
    1. it’s a pozzetto, the best way of preserving gelato
    2. unlike normal pozzetti, the gelato can be seen
    3. unlike standard display cabinets, it has a contained depth
    4. it is easy to use and improves the view of the flavours 
    5. it is easy to clean
    6. it is a wonder of patented technologies.
    Panorama is available in built-in and counter version. This technology has also been used to create Bellevue, a unique piece of design that granted IFI to be the first company to win a design award with a gelato display case.
    Bellevue has been in fact recently awarded by the Association of Industrial Design the prestigious Compasso D'Oro prize, which is the equivalent of the Oscars for the movies! To get to know more about Bellevue and the award, this is the link: http://panorama.ifi.it/en/
  • Tonda gelato and pastry display

    Tonda gelato and pastry display

     Tonda is the first and only round and rotating cabinet in the world. With its unique features Tonda can guarantee the best maintenance of gelato with the uniformity of temperature and the HCS (Hermetic Closure System), a system that allows to reduce the number of the defrosting cycles that are triggered only when strictly needed (intelligent defrosting). Moreover the gelato can be maintained 24H inside the display (no need to take the gelato out during the night), and it permits a longer compressor’s life and a greater energy saving too.

    Tonda is available in 3 versions:
    Tonda GELATO:
    This version is for Gelato, it works in negative temperature (-12°C/-18°C), it is available with 12/15/18 pans, it is possible to put trays on top of the pans for frozen cakes or single portions; optional accessories for a better presentation of stecco gelato and single portions:
    This version works in refrigerated positive temperature for pastry and praline and it has the humidity control for a better maintenance of praline and chocolate (the humidity control prevents the formation of water drops on top of chocolates and pralines products). The main feature of this display case is the control of the humidity: the control panel regulates the working temperature as well as the relative humidity up to a 40% minimum and therefore the same display case, in optimum working conditions, may serve as pastry display case (+4°C and 70 % Relative Humidity) or pralines display case (+14°C and 45% R.H. max).
    Tonda 4 SEASONS
    This is a combined version, because it works both in negative and positive temperature, in fact switching a button the display changes its functional mode from negative temperature (-12°C/-18°C  for gelato) to positive refrigerated temperature (+4°C/+8°C, for pastry). This version does not have the humidity control.
    Among the accessories for Tonda:
    Stainless Steel Trays in different measures for cakes, pastry and single portions
    Plexiglass accessories for single portions or stick holders
    Shaped transparent plexiglass for pralines
    Scoop Washer, recommended for the Gelato and 4 Season Version
    Stainless Steel Handrail to put in the front part of Tonda (any version)
  • Drop-in pastry displays

    Drop-in pastry displays

     Drop-in: a very versatile display available as a counter or in built-in version perfect to display pastry, cold snack, chocolate (with humidity control function) and hot food. Also available in dual function (ventilated cold + dry hot on the same unit). 

    Refrigerated and/or heated display tops at the same height as the worktop. High product visibility and easy service. Drop-In Delice has been designed especially to hold commercial trays 600x400mm (23.62” x 15.74”)
    The ventilated cold and ventilated cold/dry heat service Drop-in Delice counters are also available with cold storage unit (cell). The storage unit is refrigerated with the same hermetic unit as the Drop-in Delice counter with dual control for independent use of the counter and the cold storage cell. The cell is refrigerated with static evaporator, operation temperature +4°C/+8°C (+39.2°F/+46.4°F). With optional drawers.
    The ventilated cold service Drop-in Delice displays have removable stainless steel tops with Scotch Brite finish, sunk 30mm with respect to the perimeter edge. These tops can be lowered to two other positions, each 20mm lower than the previous one,
    to best display and conserve the goods of different heights:
    Position 1 : -30 mm
    Position 2 : -50 mm
    Position 3 : -70 mm
    These adjustable positions are also available for the cold/hot service display top; in this case, the glass shelf height is easily adjusted using the side handles.
    The glass frame, which is also ideal for use as a supporting surface,
    is available in two configurations:
    CLOSED - with H 250 mm P 400 mm heat-sealed float glass, LED lighting, and total closure with Plexiglas sliding doors.
    OPEN - just with H 250mm P 400 mm heat-sealed float glass.