Green Dishwashing Basket (Deep Plates)

Green Dishwashing Basket (Deep Plates)

Dishwashing basket GRT designed for large, deep plates and large, flat trays etc.

The basket allows deep plates to stand at the correct angle for dishwashing. The basket can be used for cups and saucers together but it is not suitable for saucers and side plates on their own.

Capacity: 16 deep or 18 flat plates.

The baskets are made of heat and chemicals resistant plastic. Withstands temperatures of up to 95°C.

Outer dimensions 500x500x97 mm.
Inner dimensions 464x464x69 mm.
Weight 1430 g.


Part No. Model
9-9012 Dishwashing basket GRT
9-9012K Dishwashing basket GRT, packs of 10



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