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Warranty Policy

1. The warranty period starts from the date of delivery or the installation is finished. A warranty is a guarantee for all products and parts that do not include the parts of used deteriorate objects such as light bulbs and cables etc..

2. The warranty does not cover accidents that do not come from the company or costs that come from the break down of the machine directly or not directly.

3. The warranty does not cover incorrect usage not have the correct maintenance. Neglect changes without even the technicians we send out. Damage during transportation,Damage caused by an electrical short circuit. Improper electrical prepared, Damage from chemical damage from natural disasters and accidents.

4. TPN Group (Thailand) Limited reserves the right to warranty, if it is from reason that it is not in terms of the customer, however, TPN Group Thailand Limited cannot guarantee that the damage from direct or indirect ,the compensation from TPN Group Thailand Ltd. is in the limitations of replacement parts.

Warranty Claims Procedure

1. For in the country when the technician has installed and run, if there is evidence of damage to the product. Customers must contact us at TPN group sales office of the company is written to email :

2. For overseas goods delivered to the client if there is damage, report to TPN group and sent a petition to shipper. Customers should have to take damage photo and write the details of the damage

3. To claim in the warranty period, you must complete a claim form with the serial number of the product and serial number of parts form must be also attached with the picture of the damaged or unavailable used parts

4. Details will be submitted to the TPN Group (Thailand), to check the warranty period

5. For overseas customers in order to make a claim rapidly, customers should fill out a claim form along with a photograph same as third conditions, and send email to

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